About us

Our story

The roots of VintageCaliber go back to 2013, when our CEO Simon Stern had a chance to follow his passion and get involved in the watch business. Simon partnered with a team of experienced watchmakers and instaurators under the adventurous brand "Watchsmuggler" focused on a younger audience of aficionados just entering the world of watch collecting. Over time this youthful and bold brand evolved into a well known and respected company with an even bigger vision than serving young aficionados - Our mission is to develop the culture of collecting watches, to promote the aesthetics of high horology and to run a business in which fairness and quality are paramount, providing our clients with unbeatable security and peace of mind. To achieve this, we are constantly improving our services and we work hard to reach a truly first class level of customer support - all done in a fair and transparent manner!

Our milestones 

  • 2013 - Entering the vintage watch market in a partnership with a large german online-dealer
  • 2013 - Establishing a company under the brand name  “Watchsmuggler” based out of Budapest
  • 2014 - Reaching a revenue of 170.000 Euro (about 200.000 USD) in the first 12 months of the operation
  • 2015 - Enlarging our mission, and rebranding to
  • 2015 - Establishing of a German legal entity “GmbH” and relocation to Munich
  • 2016 - Reaching the highest single transaction value of 88.000 Euro (about 104.000 USD) with an online-customer
  • 2016 - A few timepieces from our publicly offered collection were purchased by a major Swiss brand for their museum  
  • 2017 - Developing the annual revenue to 1 million Euro (about 1.18 million USD)
  • 2017 - Opening of the Showroom in Munich
  • 2018 - Introduction of our own handmade leather straps and cardholders
  • 2018 - Introduction of our restoration services
  • 2018 - Introduction of dedicated to top-level collectible soviet timepieces